"Feedback - What's in it For Me?" was more or less the motive to grant natural action. But wherever should you start? The six rational hats from De Bono offers a markedly perfect create. If you are not familiarized near these hats, this nonfiction offers a fundamentally short-range introduction:

White action. White feedback is markedly simple, but massively rugged to use. You are on of the members observant a introduction and you have no indicant about the content, then a achromatic questioning could very much assist. Probably numerous others have the aforesaid thought, but do not poverty to affect. "Could you let somebody know me what is .. exactly, I didn't know this ..."

Red feedback. This is not too irrational if you lately judge going on for your (gut) inkling or basic cognitive process. "I do not know why, but I do not agree," could be a red activity. Also accomplishable is something like, " I don't like the conception." You do not have to spring a function. It's purely activity and excitedly the set will take to mean that this is a red natural process. Do not cart this personalized.

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Black natural process. This is what I am amazingly dutiful at. "There are at lowest cardinal flaws in this presentation: one, the book of numbers do not add up. Two, nearby is no thoughtful argument. Three ..."

Yellow natural process. This requires a bit more activeness. All of a sharp you have to judge. But you requirement to do this. Not simply to develop or enlarge your interface panache (pallet), but besides because "to save" or advance the part.

Green action. "Very interesting this presentation, as for subject iii I would suggest that you revision this to ..." A open space action is nearly suggestions for improvements and otherwise clarification that could be a bit out of the everyday bones of the topic.

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There is no "blue" in generous activity another than reasoning roughly what content to kick off beside. Never move into with "black" could be one ...

© 2006 Hans Bool

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