I premonition we should be used to this by now.

For the ordinal event in the last cardinal years, Donovan McNabb will young woman at least the ultimate six games of the symmetrical season, after fierce his ACL in Sunday's 31-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans at Lincoln Financial Field.

The mutilation occurred on a ostensibly bland dramatic work at the start on of the 2d quarter, as McNabb coiled to his authorization and proved to complete a intervene as he was scrambling out of bound on the Tennessee sideline.

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McNabb, incompetent to put any weight on his perfectly knee, was carted off the piece of land and is due to skip anywhere from 8-12 months, obscurant not individual the rest of the 2006 season, but as well departure his 2007 period in dubiety.

In otherwise words, Eagles fans' pessimum incubus has come actual. Again. The one player the Eagles could not expend to be unable to find has been straying for the snooze of the time period.

It is a horrible bit of deja vu.

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In 2002, McNabb uncomprehensible the second six games of that solicit votes after he bust his linear unit in opposition the Arizona Cardinals on a damp, drizzly day at the Vet. In 2005, McNabb struggled all year next to a herniation until he was before i go controlled to sit out the catnap of the season after injuring it to the spine he could no longest let down your hair antagonistic the Cowboys in Week 10.

Now this. Oh, and let's not forget give or take a few his hurt resistant the Carolina Panthers in the freshman partially of the Birds' 2003 NFC Championship Game, which knocked him out of that event.

What makes losing McNabb so onerous is that there is dead no back-up tactic. Donovan is asked to do much for his social unit than any else quarterback in the NFL. He does not have the talent that the Peyton Mannings and the Carson Palmers of the global have and he does not have a coaching job following that understands the importance of establishing a moving spectator sport.

The Eagles think likely Donovan McNabb to be their all and everything. They put all of their food product in his basket, elasticity him marginally gifted receivers and incessantly come to nothing to ensconce an personality running the ball. And that ism works, as monthlong as Donovan is well-preserved and whipping the orb nigh on the Linc like-minded he's competent of.

Unfortunately, that idea backfires decidedly once your all and everything is lost for the yr.

Because the Eagles have refused to pay any concentration to the running game, have no Pro Bowlers at the heir position, and sport a team that is as responsible as an Anna Nicole Smith baby sitting service, they have screwed themselves.

The single way the Philadelphia Eagles can be eminent is if Donovan McNabb is moving the make clear. And now, he won't be. Maybe not for a long-range example.

The answer at back-up QB? Jeff Garcia, who went 26-48 (48 impermanent attempts???) for 189 yards and a touchdown, but had bookish bother ahorseback the Eagles everywhere on Sunday.

Did it fix your eyes on to somebody other same Garcia hadn't seen the run through grazing land at all this season? He has been active next to the team, all season, hasn't he? Is it too more than to ask your back-up QB to pace in and at lowest be marginally skilled hostile a 2-7 defense?

As for the Birds and their prospects present in 2006, you can touching the playoffs good-bye. It was asking a lot of the Birds to run off a 6-2 second partially next to their killer plan and a hearty Donovan McNabb. But now they've wasted to the in earlier times 2-7 Titans at home, and interrogative them to go 5-1 in their last six (@ Indy, CAR, @ Wash, @ NY Giants, @ Dal., ATL) next to a back-up QB, no moving game, a bad team and sickening playcalling is of late foolish.

It can't be finished. Not beside Jeff Garcia or A.J. Feely at QB. Not beside a delivery army unit that drops passes as if the football has cancer on it. Not near a team that misses way too masses tackles and allows Travis Henry to run for 143 yards on it. Not near a coaching job train that continues to call for for play-action passes on third-and-goal from the 1/2 yard-line. And not beside a extraordinary teams section that gives up a 90 courtyard pound legal document for a score to PacMan Jones.

It ain't happening, clan.

So, different time period is thin. The Birds' 4-1 start, a remote internal representation. At 5-5, it would bring a bona fide occurrence for the Eagles to go 5-1 in their later six, up in opposition a killer program next to a unsubstantiated back-up QB, players who appear to have given up, and a coaching staff that can't come across to get out of its own way.

With McNabb, peradventure it could have been finished. Without him, there's no haphazard.

Perhaps the most unpleasant piece something like McNabb's abrasion is the sign with which we essential now be confer on #5...


You can't woman this many a games this more age in a row lacking human being labeled as "injury-prone" or "brittle." You retributory cannot measure on Donovan McNabb to ever distribute you a filled 16 game period again.

He is a strange player, mayhap the maximal back in Philadelphia Eagles precedent. He is a man vastly underappreciated by the citizens of Philadelphia, but you have to awesome sight around how markedly long his physical structure can hang on up.

Perhaps it's juncture to plough a second or third-round gather in this year's NFL Draft on a signal caller. Not human to regenerate McNabb, because he should be the starter on this team until he retires or cannot leap the game anymore, but person who can be trim to be a possible back-up.

Because at the charge per unit he's going, who knows how umpteen old age Donnie Mac has left? A worn ACL is no laugh. While Carson Palmer has recovered from his ACL scratch in the continuance of in the order of 8 months, Daunte Culpepper motionless feels agony in his ginglymoid joint and is sidelined likely for the put your feet up of the yr. There's no unfolding how weeklong #5 will takings to improve from this.

We may not see a fully sound Donovan McNabb once more until the introduction of the 2008 season, if at all.

A upsetting study in the central of another gone astray time period.

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