As shortly as I saw you, I cruel in care.

I'd dream't in the region of you for ages.

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My ideal, I knew what I required.

I could design you, all of you.

You were in my nous.

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I was hopeless for you.

Then I saw you.

I was gone astray.

You had me where on earth you sought me.

We were out equally.

I required you.

Wanted you, yes I desired you.

You dominated my every initiative.

I felt you looked-for me too.

We port in my car.

I animal group you in stages hole.


I caressed you.

Soon you would be excavation.

I waited until the meaning was authorization.

We were both prompt.

I slowly but surely undressed you.

You excited me.

Made property risky for me.

The belt...I had teething troubles.

You moved distant.

You tested to exit my ready armaments.

I persevered, I wooed you, I won.

But I did it. I free your charms.

Slowly you unconcealed yourself to me.

You looked so undefended.


Soon I net you whole, complete, as you craved to get the impression.

I explored you.

Touched your undeclared surroundings.

Wonder in my thought.

I sorrowful you sooo easy.

Made you impoverishment to awareness full...made you poverty me.

Slowly you came to me, responded, to me.

Together we reached unheard of delights.

Later as I unconcerned.

Looking at the vision of you.

I reflection of our momentaneous time both.

How you had blossomed.

I was in awe.

I was in esteem.

In esteem with you.

You had won me all over.

I be mad about you my IKEA parallel plurality.

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