In the pursuit to define the natural event...

It relates to one Gopala, one of the amort and reduced group of a dwarfish village. In this village, they all cognise their instruction of life and parametres of success. Yet, Gopala dared to see dreams of joyfulness defying the lane map of his "destiny". Gopla is a characterization of communal man at oversized in our social group. They have wasted faith in their ability and prudence and perceive subjugated in their endeavours. But still, they are conformity belief hostile expectation. In this juncture, a minute "signal" of prospect and promise from any quartern in any form, in spite of this unreasonable/unfounded and "misplaced, it would pass on a crisp force in their lives, to violate so named "destiny" to perish.

It is narrative of impoverished Gopala who is an older man beside a menage to facade after. The small town has no facilities or resource for employ. He is breathing on a greatly deficient returns. Like him, the some other relations in his rural community are combat-ready day and time period for their continuation against ever more excruciating inauspicious civic and system stipulations. Going finished a markedly deterrent lifestyle, they just guffaw and rarely haggle common pleasantries when frontage each other than. They are not ecstatic and are ordinarily seen inexorable and next to sad faces. Gopala is besides one of them. Compared to villagers of another on all sides of rich areas, the relatives of his small town face haggard, malnourished and defeated. For few years, in attendance have been progression of exacting xerotes. Most of the family has mislaid their Land and new properties due to non-attendance of loans and their bovine have as well perished. For them, love, emotions have dry drawn-out back beside the serial droughts. When they gawp up you would see the concern in they persuasion. It is the agitation of endurance. The village consists of basically infirm, disconsolate and unsuccessful ones who have faith in themselves but yet to surrender thing decisive. They cognizance that "destint" has simply ordered a existence replete of miseries for them and it is not mathematical to worm out. Most of them discern subjugated and submitted to this permanent state of affairs of duration.

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But Gopala is a antithetic organism. If you watch incredibly fixedly and intercommunicate to him you would vision if ever he had detected a saccharine speech or understanding from any one. But unmoving he is not inappropriate in his cognition/ memorandum and he is reactive to new philosophy. While allocation inaudibly your company, he would never let you cognize the heavy depression inundating his intuition. He would not let you cognise just about his worries and anger. But gradually, he is as well tardily cave in downcast. His sureness that "good days" would so go one day is dissipating beside each transient day. He has detected that this twelvemonth also location would be another time period of drought near austere consequences. His day after day prayers have likewise yielded nought. But he is inactive conformation religious conviction. Gopala is all but now one of the villagers who are lost, at a stop and completely subjugated. He has gone astray confidence, his ability and to both stage his rational reasoning.

He has now heard nearly the "miracles" of illusion stones of an astrologist. After vacillant in heed for few days, he has met him ultimate time period. After examining his commencement chart, the Astrologer has wise him a seed that would bring end to his bad luck and he would ship upon a new blissful life. Not solitary that, after his palm reading, the forecaster has told him that a great destiny is ready and waiting for him. He had given a low rumination of completed the feature. He is not convinced if this could be the new outset of his time. But the "lure" of achieving a favorable duration through the clout of chromatic has flooded him. By sacrificing a moral magnitude of his time long-run savings, Gopala is now tiring a "Ring of a semi-precious stone". Despite opposition from my relations members. he is compliance his dependence. He someway convinced remaining that the impetus of stones would displace the dark of problem and metallic element him to the pedestrian area of happening conveyance cheerfulness to his house. Gopala is now seen flyspeck upbeat and perky. With sphere in his possession, he feels confident, would-be and waiting impatiently "miracles" to occur before long.

Gopala has heard nearly miracles of stones. He has learnt that villagers neighbouring achieved vast plus point and sumptuousness after possessing the gymnastic apparatus. He has besides detected that multiplex ailments have been well by right small rock. He has told his neighbours just about this. They have as well noticed progress in him and are want the blessings of the predictor. Some of the villagers are now this nonarbitrary exerciser and after "knowing their budding future" a new violent storm of self-confidence is blowing through with them.

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Days have passed by. Nothing has changed. It is the same old tale and the one and the same destitute proviso. But Gopala is now not a totally playing up man and has a stone of pledge. The good nature beside opposite members of small town has started wearing out. They have come through out unambiguously near their "disbelief" completed the kernel and "predictions" ready-made for them. They have down out rings/ loud at Astrologer and asked Gopal to payoff out the same and bear the vivacity more seriously. Gopla, nevertheless truly believed respectively and all name told by prognosticator about the stone/ soothsaying and is uncomplaining and composed. The speech of predictor had fixed him a good "motivation" to row subsidise to defy his natural event. In the society, we stipulation taking up from each other. When specified minister to is not outgoing from any quarter, a wobbly make a gesture of give a hand in the genre [even in a method of a marble] is seen as a tender. One defeated to misfortune, would incline to judge anything, anybody, if it could win over him that by that he would be able to renovation/ written material his destiny, defying philosophy and reasoning.

Gopla is not deterred near shocks of natural life. Come what may and what other villagers think, he is candidate. He would timekeeper his glossy teensy small rock settled in the peal all period of time low complex moonlight, next to the anticipation that it would bring up a new rental of life for him and ethnic group.

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